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Ref. B123Apple and pear sauce with cinnamon

Apple and pear sauce with cinnamon
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The Apple and pear sauce with cinnamon is a nice gourmet dessert for your holidays into the wild. Cinnamon brings antioxydants and helps for a better carbohydrates assimilation.

"Voyager" freeze dried food : the largest choice in freeze dried recipes

Apple flakes 69,8%, pear flakes 20%, caster sugar 10%, cinnamon 0,2%.
No allergen in the product.

Physio-chemical in g for 100 g
Lipids: 1,42
Protids: 1,38
Glucids: 87,03
Energy value (Kjoule): 1510
Energy value (Kcal): 361

Energy value for 50 g
755 Kjoule - 180 Kcal

Conservation: 2 years in the packing of origin
Net weight: 50 g - Prepared: 150 g

“Meal in freedom… taste of extreme!”

Freeze-dried Voyager

Some very light weight measl for trekking, canyonning, road cycle expeditions.

Facilitate your bearing: We can deliver your dishes on stages of excursion wich will wait for you in the post office!

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